The situation

Modern products seamlessly integrate into digital ecosystems and value chains.

In this process of integration, the potential for value creation and customer benefits increasingly shifts from the physical device to digital services.

Manufacturers must exploit these opportunities with their own services, otherwise they risk marginalization by dominant platform providers.

In this scenario, companies often face the question:

What is the smartest way to connect my smart products worldwide?

The challenge

Utilizing the Internet of Things enables device manufacturers to transform themselves into providers of smart products and digitla services.

This progressive way of thinking allows manufacturers with national and worldwide distribution networks to design business models that create long-term competitive advantages.

Two main challgenges need to be adressed:

#1: Product discovery for digital services, new applications & business models - your future competitive advantage.



#2: Connect your smart devices worldwide - the basic infrastructure to enable these new services

To enable productivity and operational efficiency, Internet of Things solutions are being adopted at increasing rates. Not only built on a foundation of reliability and security but also eassy to connect and manage at scale.


Smart Devices entail higher complexity and more demanding requirements for Lifecycle management and therefore require a more profound IoT infrastructure.

Most crucial - update functionality!



Both challenges, Product Discovery for new services as well as establishing a profound IoT infrastructure usually have a tightening frame - in time, in budget, in quality.

None of it must be neglected, but as a manufacturer you must concentrate on creating the competitive advantage.

Nevertheless, the basic infrastructure is the fundament for success and more than a necessary chore.

Based on the experience out of numerous IoT projects we crafted a solution, that allows you to concentrate on your score business.

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Our Solution

With our software suite, the IoT Core Services, we provide an easy, fast and secure end-to-end solution for device/machine connections in the Internet of Things for digital value-added services.


Recently added - ICS Device Management:

With our latest member ICS Device Management we have ready-to-use modules for Device-Registry, Device-Update, Device-App Management and Device-Monitoring based on services from the MS Azure-IoT-Environment.

ICS Device Management offers a ready ease-to-use solutions for OEM / device manufacturer and significantly reduces time to market and development costs.

Our solution is applicable for new developed devices as well as retrofit use cases.




Provides easy integration into your workflows. It blends both into production environments, as well as in existing IT solutions by using REST interfaces and client SDK’s to provide a zero touch enrollment and provisioning experience.

ICS_DeviceUpdate – the highlight feature

ICS_DeviceUpdate provides a comprehensive solution to publish, distribute and manage (over-the-air) updates for everything from tiny sensors to gateway-level devices to entire networks of devices. For OS, bootloader or applications. Planning and rollout of device firmware updates becomes a repeatable standard procedure based on standard templates or own rollout strategies.

And due to e.g. secure A/B firmware update, risk for failure is dramatically reduced. It is designed to offer optimized update deployment and streamlined operations through integration with ICS_DeviceRegistry based on Azure IoT Hub, which provides a cloud-hosted solution to connect virtually any device.

ICS_DeviceUpdate supports IoT Nested Edge configurations. This capability supports the nesting of devices to securely collect data across networks organized in hierarchical layers.

With ICS_DeviceUpdate management and deployment controls, users can maximize productivity and save valuable time. Users are in control of the update process with the ability to group devices and specify to which devices an update should be deployed.

Users can also view the status of update deployments to ensure each device updates successfully. Microsoft’s brand new service Device Update for IoT Hub uses comprehensive cloud-to-edge security developed for Microsoft Azure, so customers don’t need to spend time figuring out how to build it from scratch themselves.

Security features include connectivity protected by encryption and hardware- or certificate-based authentication, cloud security that includes privacy controls, compliance tools, monitoring and scans for IoT devices.

Keep your devices up to date – always!

ICS_ DeviceMonitoring

Get transparency on your devices!

ICS_DeviceMonitoring provides realtime condition monitoring of device (health) data and corresponding alerting mechanisms.

Collect, visualize, and monitor single sensor values or aggregated data structures. Configure threshold values and complex surveillance algorithms.


Container based application management off the shelf.

Deploy new features to meet business objectives without incurring the additional development and maintenance costs of building your own update platforms.

Manage your application containers and create your module twins, install/deinstall complete applications or even activate /deactivate single features.




Our solution is the answer to the basic IoT infrastructure challenge.

Our off the shelf features provide a powerful and flexible experience, including:

  • Realtime dashboard with a Virtual Device Twin and update management UI

  • Programmatic APIs to enable automation and custom portal experiences

  • Out of the box integration into new developed devices as well as for retrotfit cases

  • On-premise content cache and Nested Edge support to enable updating cloud disconnected devices

  • Support of Yocto based Linux environments, Azure RTOS and other RTOS

  • Gradual update rollout through device grouping and update scheduling controls

  • At-a-glance update compliance and status views across heterogenous device fleets

  • Support for resilient device updates (A/B) to deliver seamless rollback

  • Secured device communication – authenticated, encrypted, maintained


Based on Microsoft best-in-class IoT ecosystem which already supports more than a billion IoT devices around the world – ICS_DeviceManagement is highly available, scalable, secure, and available in any location worldwide.

The platform to create a long-term basis for IoT solutions for numerous application scenarios.

Ready to use off the shelf or easily adapted to your needs! ICS Device Management offers a ready ease-to-use solution for OEM / device manufacturer and significantly reduces time to market and development costs.


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Your Benefits

The advantage of our IoT Core Services and especially our devicemanagement at a glance:

Umfassender Support

Umfassender Support

Gerne übernehmen wir für Sie den täglichen Betrieb der IoT-Infrastruktur. So können Sie sich darauf konzentrieren, Mehrwert für Ihre Kunden zu schaffen.


Comprehensive support

We are happy to take over the day-to-day operation of the IoT infrastructure for you. This means you can concentrate on creating added value for your customers.


Global infrastructure

With ICS, you can manage an operational, globally distributed infrastructure of IoT endpoints. Our ICS is wherever your devices are in use.


Security and data protection

Your customer and device data always belongs to you at all times and remains under your control. Naturally, our services and the core services of our cloud provider are EU-GDPR compliant.


Low costs

You avoid high initial costs for development and operation. Thanks to our ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model, your costs grow only when your digital services become successful.

Our Partnership With Microsoft

With a focus on helping customers more easily set up or expand IoT solutions and devices, we are using The Azure IoT Hub and the Device Update for IoT Hub as part of our IoT Core Services software suite. This allows us to offer an easy-to-use solution for OEMs and device manufacturers looking to accelerate time to market and reduce development costs.

Being partner for Microsoft Azure IoT since day 1, we are very proud to be launch and integration partner for Microsoft Device Update for IoT Hub! As a team we already created numerous Customer Success Stories based on the Azure IoT ecosystem and there will be a lot more to come!

Our Mission

conplement AG - the digital enablers - we help product, machine- and device manufacturers to create new digital business models based on smart connected products /IoT. Managing the whole value stream end 2 end - in co-innovation starting at ideation through prototyping till goTo Market / production as well as from embedded through Azure via AI & cognitive services up to Frontend & Power Platform-solutions.

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